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Introducing ‘Take A Portrait’: brought to you by Sara Merriman Photography

Launched in 2015, Sara Merriman Photography has been on a real journey. From its early days — as I discovered my true passion for black and white photography — to today, where I am lucky to work with incredible clients, with different stories to tell, and help capture their true selves.

So, why the new name?

Black and white photography is and always has been my first love. It goes back to developing my first black and white image in the dark room at Itchen college in Southampton. It’s classic, timeless and emotive — and what I love most is its soulfulness. A black and white portrait will prioritise the subject’s characteristics, there’s no distractions, and you’re inevitably more drawn to what’s important: the story, the soul, the emotion. Travel is a close second love of mine. In fact, my career began as a cruise ship photographer, which combined two of my favourite things. In September 2020, I launched Take A Trip Travel, or TATT — an independent travel platform, designed to help holidaymakers make their dream trips a reality. When Covid-19 hit, we saw the travel industry change forever. It’s my job to work with destinations, venues and travellers alike to help them connect and keep the industry thriving. I guess you’re wondering: where does Take A Portrait come into play?

It’s all about documenting moments in time. I want to photograph those moments that matter — and turn your experiences and raw emotion into your legacy.

It’s that ‘stand out’ headshot that helps you win your dream job. It’s the creative and playful shot that captures your relationship perfectly. It’s the portrait that tells your unique story of love, laughter and life experience. The same expert black and white photography, with a new name, look and feel.

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