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Legal age consent
I grant my permission to use photography taken by Sara Merriman for any legal use, including but not limited to: publicity, copyright purposes, advertising, social media and web content.

In giving this consent, I understand and declare that: I am giving this consent in my own free will, and not under duress or in any form of threat; That the images containing the subject in this consent shall be held by the organization in accordance and compliance with the GDPR guidelines (the General Data Protection Regulation); That my information herein, as well as the images to be shared to the recipient shall not be disclosed to any other party without my written consent; That I hereby allow the use of images where the Subject is included shall belong to the organization for their own disposition; I hereby agree to waive my rights to any claims to whatever the organization may use of the image; I may exercise my right to withdraw the use of my image anytime after from the effectivity of this consent. After which, I am given the right to ask to cease the use of my images thereafter.

By submitting this form with my signature below, I am affirming to the provisions mentioned above and the effectivity of this agreement shall commence.

Thanks for submitting!

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